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Who am I?

I’ve often said I feel different from others, far from normal. I’ve wished to be like other girls or moms.

I’ve always loved to learn and read. I find a topic and then scour the web for information. I frequently end up reading professional journals to satisfy my need to know more.

Lately I’ve been knee deep in topics like self awareness, growth and healing. I’m trying to answer the age old question “Who am I?”

Watching Garrett I can’t help but see a bit of myself. Some of his behaviors and ways of thinking are strikingly similar to those of myself in childhood. Those similarities begged for closer inspection.

So I dug into psychology textbooks and mental illness medical journals. I read posts on Quora and found blogs dedicated to adult women searching for answers.

I took my suspicions with me on my latest psychologist appointment. He confirmed what I had already discovered for myself. I’m on the spectrum. There’s a reason certain things are so hard for me.

For more info on adult female Asperger characteristics, check out Tania Ann Marshal’s blogs or ebooks on Amazon.

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