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Hi. My name is Brittany. And I made this blog for me. My journey. You’re welcome to join me or watch from the sidelines (I’d totally rather you join). 

I’m a 34 year old divorced mommy with 2 wonderful sons (almost 7 & 9 as they LOVE to remind me). I’m an Autism mom. I’m a former bank teller and special education math teacher. I couldn’t survive without my Momma & twin sister. I own my home and vacation as often as I can (DISNEY). I have a great van (my life goal was to be a mini van mom). Sounds great, right?!

But I’ve been a deep, black whole. Anxiety and depression will be the death of me. I’ve lost friends and gained over 70lbs. I lost myself, my dreams, my passion for life. I rarely left my house, let alone my bedroom. I HATE who I left myself become. 

So now we finally arrive at the why. I want a place to share my journey to growth, peace, joy, weight loss, & so much more. I need women to hold my accountable. I NEED a tribe. My life DEPENDS on it. 

Join me. Share with me. Like my posts. Encourage me. Spread joy anyway you can. Don’t let yourself become a woman you hate. 

#divorce #boymom #autismmom #teacher #disney #twin #findjoy #myjourney #lifechange #depression #anxiety #raw #brutallyhonest 

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