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Self Worth

Ever think that when you finally cross this imaginary threshold, you’ll be (fill in the blank). 





It’s a daily struggle for me. My inner voice is the worst possible negative Nancy that ever lived. As soon as I accomplish one thing, my inner voice starts with ‘it could have been done better or quicker’ or she starts nagging about the next thing. Nothing truly ever feels like a victory because of the ever constant bad taste in your mouth. 

I’m fighting a losing battle with my inner voice about my worth. I seek validation from others, not from within as I should. 

I was in a relationship for over a decade where me and my accomplishments were belittled. I was constantly faced with words that crushed my self esteem. 

It’s not a small undertaking or one that is short in nature. It took a decade to hit rock bottom and it will take time to restore faith in myself and ability to trust my decisions. 

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