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I’ve been having one of those it’s a bad day kind of thing for weeks. I’m frustrated that I’ve missed work due to illness and without any financial support for my boys from their dad. Money has been tight as it is for so many of us.

While I really enjoyed seeing those little faces at the daycare on base every day, I kept looking for a full time position. I’ve interviewed around 5 or 6 times for government job. Feeling defeated didn’t hold me back. I kept hitting submit.

Yesterday morning I interviewed for my dream job and accepted a firm job offer that afternoon (which is way faster than normal for a federal job).

When money gets tight

When you get rejected from jobs

When everything feels overwhelming like a tsunami

When your kids are driving you wild

When someone you loves passes away

When your spouse does that thing that annoys you so much

Remember - Everything is figureoutable.

Maybe not today or next month. But if you ask for help and try your best, you’ll figure it out.

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