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What comes to your mind when you hear (or read) the word burden? Huge boulders and a mom juggling groceries plus toddlers are the first thing I think of. 

After deeper reflection on what that word means to me personally, I immediately feel guilty. 

I am a burden. 

Intellectually I know I do more than waste space and that I deserve to breathe. This negative inner voice is what remains from growing up with an emotionally immature parent. 

I walk on eggshells desperately seeking to avoid asking people for help. I try my best to fade into the background and make myself as small as possible. All because I don’t want to be a burden. 

Asking for help seems selfish as others in my life are already burdened enough by my needs. I feel I don’t deserve help. 

On the same note, I’m a giver and a people pleaser. I have to earn the right to be in your life by doing everything I can to ease your stress. How can I ask for help when my friend or loved one needs it more than I do? I don’t deserve help in comparison to the needs of others. 


I am challenging myself to correct my inner voice when she calls me a burden. I’ll respond with something I have done to help others or something only I can do. Through these daily exercises I hope to change my inner voice, so she believes I’m worthy too.

What does the word make you feel?

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