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30 Day Self Love Journal Challenge

So if you’re like me (and I think you just might be), you know something has GOT to change. I didn’t know how and it only magnified that need.

I wallowed. I turned inward and shut everyone out. I did have the words to express my feeling. All I felt was guilt and shame.

A friend on Facebook started this amazing group for self love. Women from all over started lifting each other up and lending a helping hand.

I was inspire. But I didn’t do anything but watch from the sideline. Maybe a like or 2 here. Sometimes I’d go big with a comment! I never posted myself.

Rachel Hollis. I’m 99.99% positive you’ve heard of her or the 2 best selling books she’s written. I think I was in Chapter 2 when I started writing. With no purpose or direction I was writing.

+Writing a book has always been on my bucket list

Then it hit me. I needed to share my story, my experiences and MY struggles. I’ll scream from the top of the rooftops in Atlanta if it saves someone from the hell that was my life.

It felt good to share. I thrive on interacting with people. Encouraging people. It felt right.

And finally journaling. This alone has helped tremendously. But I needed help. Staring at a blank page intimidated the poop out of me.

I bought a few journals from 5 Below and set off on my merry way. I had a serious, soul searching journal and another completely fun one celebrating weirdness. I needed both. A way to dig deep but also a way to keep laughing along the way.

I’m sharing my very first 30 day journal challenge for y’al. I hope it’s the right mix for you.

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