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So glad you’re here

Alright ladies. It’s time for me to share my why. It’s raw & not pretty but it’s where I stand today.

Hi. My name is Brittany. And I made this account for me. My journey. You’re welcome to join me or watch from the sidelines (I’d totally rather you join).

I’m a 34 year old divorced mommy with 2 wonderful sons (almost 7 & 9 as they LOVE to remind me). I’m an Autism mom. I’m a former bank teller and special education math teacher. I couldn’t survive without my Momma & twin sister. I own my home and vacation as often as I can (DISNEY). I have a great van (my life goal was to be a mini van mom). Sounds great, right?! I even have several graduate degrees In education. Almost Dr. Brittany!

But I’ve been a deep, black whole. Anxiety and depression consumed me. I became a hermit. Aftaid to answer my phone or even read an email. I was having panic attacks almost daily. I’ve lost touch with friends and gained over 70lbs. I lost myself, my dreams, my dream job as a teacher, & perhaps the biggest thing I lost was my passion for life. I rarely left my house, let alone my bedroom. It was a battle to make myself bathe or eat. I with MIA. Even from my boys. They suffered so much for my shortcomings. I HATE who I left myself become.

So now we finally arrive at the why. I want a place to share my journey to growth, peace, joy, weight loss, & so much more. I need women to hold my accountable. I NEED a tribe. My life DEPENDS on it. I can’t do it alone and no one ever should. I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders and could not find a way to let others help me. I’ve been at rock bottom and just as the phoenix rises from the ashes, so must I. It’s time for my rebirth.

Join me. Share with me. Like each other’s posts. Encourage me. Encourage each other. Be raw. Tell your truth (or not if you aren’t ready). Spread joy anyway you can. Don’t let yourself become a woman you hate. And PLEASE remember there’s always a reason to smile or a small victory to celebrate.

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