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Can you see it?

Sitting outside with my coffee this morning, the fog had me thinking of a question I used while teaching. In my virtual classroom we always ended each lesson with this question.

How’s your windshield? 

A. Clear (you understand everything)

B. Clear, but blurry in some places

C. Blurry (you can make out the shape, but still need help for the details)

D. Muddy (you don’t have a clue and you’re completely lost)

This question was a quick self evaluation for my students to let me know where they stood on a topic. This morning the fog rendered my view as muddy. I couldn’t make out the school playground behind my backyard. 

The fog and the silence encouraged me to ponder more deeply on this question. What if I used it to evaluate my mental health or long term goals.

In the darkest days of my depression, my view was muddy - I didn’t see a way out of it. My long term goals have almost always been blurry - I can picture how I want to feel once I accomplish my goal, but no clear path to get me there. 

So now I challenge you - can you see it? Your future or your path. 

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